Code Quality

In our bug and defect obsessed software development culture, we don’t spend much time discussing code quality. When we started, we wanted to have code quality and the cultural mentalities that support it be one of the themes of the site. The following are our best articles relating to code quality.

Speed and Quality

As important as code quality is, it must be balanced with supporting the business. This balance begins by addressing the contentious relationship between product and engineering. more

Emergent Design

Ask the average architect as to the best road to code quality, and they will tout the benefits of doing Big Design Up Front (BDUF), but guessing as to the best design is a fools errand. more

Technical Debt

The pressures of moving fast inevitably pushes code quality concerns to the background. Rather than throwing up your hands, a disciplined approach to managing technical debt is called for. more

Brand New Legacy

As much as we lament the code quality of legacy applications, we continue to produce new legacy code every day as we neglect to add unit tests, thus perpetuating a viscous cycle. more

The Cooperative Code Base

When and application’s code quality is high, you will not find yourself fighting against it as you try to enhance, maintain, and extend it. We call this type of code base “cooperative”. more

The Point

A good software engineer is obsessed with code quality, and seeks to master the methodologies that support it. However, we must never forget that software is only a means to an end. more