Don’t Bring Your Toys To Work

August 14, 2012

Mobile is changing our lives.  We now have nearly un-dreamt amount of computing resources in our pockets, and it has deeply enriched our day to day experiences, especially for the current consumption-centric life styles we lead.  But, companies seem to be resistant in adopting the same outlook, and are in fact, not embracing the BYOD movement.  MP3 players were OK, but corporate IT seems so resistant about hooking up your Samsung Galaxy Nexus for Email, or adding you to the WiFi network.  Don’t they get the value?  That’s just the business being slow and monolithic and missing out on the wonderful opportunities, right?  Not so fast.

It’s easy to blast the decision makers for not embracing the wonderful world of tablets, and phones and other cool, nifty toys in this mobile space.  However, that’s just it… more than a few of the mobile innovations are still just toys.  Admit it, most of the popular apps fall in the infotainment curve, and is of little productive value.  Do people consider investment returns prior to purchasing that iPad?  How does it improve the household bottom line in leveraging mobile?  More importantly, I wonder how many purchase decision was simply made – on a credit card no less – without consideration of expenditure and debt.  It’s really just a cost center, without even the slightest appearance of generating revenue.  The office cannot be quite as un-restrained as readily-swayed impulse shoppers in a mall.  As much as we may crave some of those comforts, the work place isn’t about the consumer experience.

You’re not supposed to be playing Words With Friends, Draw Something or practice photo-journalism.  Taking a break from the keyboard, was never supposed to be surfing for the daily-LOL on YouTube.  The employment agreement, in exchange for a paycheck, surprisingly does not mention Facebook and stringently require that “work” be performed during the work day.  Who knew?  Additionally, most people probably do not practice enough safe computing in protecting their (personal) information, treat malware prevention as an after-thought, and heck, if you lose the phone, just go and purchase another one.  Can you imagine working at a place with those kinds of cavalier approaches to asset, security management and business practices?  No?  Some day, when the apps catch up and there is a proper model for securing devices and generating returns, mobile may be the only platform in the enterprise.  Until then, get back to your desk already.  Five o’clock is still hours away.


Eddie is a technology enthusiast and a blogger, now, who loves all things Internet and mobile, as if those were two separate things. As part of, he's looking to battle the forces of evil, fight crimes and purchase security upgrades to the Metaverse.