Dream Job

June 4, 2012

The people who know me best are rarely shocked when I take a new job. After all, I work in a highly volatile industry, and it’s never long before something potentially more enticing than my current situation shows itself. I like to think this is true for everyone, with the possible difference being that I tend to react to these new opportunities, whereas many people do not.

And why should they? Changing jobs sucks, almost as a rule. People get attached – it’s what we do. Whether it’s to another person, a pet, or a job – we get comfortable, and time passes. Before we know it, what was new is familiar, and what was current has become nostalgic. The seemingly simple act of leaving a company is a challenge unto itself. I’ve felt relieved after leaving bad companies. I’ve felt neutral when I left better companies that were sorry to see me go. I have never before felt bittersweet to leave a company I enjoyed working at.

I’m feeling that for the first time right now, and it’s teaching me two things: first, figure out your dream job, and second, find a good reality job. If dream jobs are the jobs you want, reality jobs are the jobs you get, and I got hired for a really great reality job 8 months ago. I’ve honestly had a blast, and it’s been very rewarding. It also helped position me to be able to accept my dream position as a software craftsman with ThoughtWorks. I’m grateful to be in such a privileged situation, and I’m very grateful to have had a reality job that helped make my dream job, itself, a reality.


John is a serial conversationalist who spends entirely too much time engulfed in problem domains he knows nothing about and has no earthly business trying to learn. He can occasionally be found at your local coffee shop writing algorithms and trying to think deep thoughts.